Katerina Zissouli AboutDr. Katerina Zissouli is an expert in higher literature and education.  To showcase her passion for literature, one need only look at her extensive credentials.

Katerina Zissouli’s Academic Studies

She earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Irvine in Classics and Classical Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics.  She earned her Master’s Degree in English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University.  And, in 1997, she earned her Doctor of Philosophy in American Literature, Culture, and Ideology at The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.  If this education alone doesn’t speak volumes of her knowledge and insight into literature, let her dedication and pursuit of academic excellence woo you.

A Robust Higher Ed Professional

As a education professional, Katerina Zissouli has been a Lecturer, Program Director, Assistant Professor, Academic Advisement Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty Member, Assistant Dean, Dean, Visiting Lecturer, Senior Consultant, Adjunct Lecturer, and Associate Professor in her time.  She continues to be an accredited professor and renowned author, dedicated to the betterment of students everywhere.

Awards & Accolades for Katerina Zissouli

Dr. Zissouli has had a profound impact on her students and her peers alike, earning many accolades, especially during her time at Middlesex Community College.  She earned Employee of the Month, two Certificates of Appreciation, a Merit award, and an Excellence in Academic Advising award.  She didn’t stop there, however.  Katerina earned the high honor of receiving the Governor’s Service Award in May 2006.

A Culturally Diverse Background

Having grown up in New York, Dr. Zissouli has credited much of her success as an educator to her eclectic upbringing. She attributes her versatility and ability to connect with students to the cultural diversity she experienced growing up. Dr. Zissouli has long been grateful for her upbringing and the seemingly endless ways it has influenced her professional development.

Katerina Zissouli: A Published Author

Through her studies, Dr. Zissouli has found that her heightened understanding of language, enabled her to relate and more clearly communicate with her students. As a devoted educator, with an unwavering passion for language and literature, Katerina Zissoul inevitably became a published author. Along with her extensive background in education and literature, Katerina found great interest in the theory of teaching as well as the human mind’s capacity to learn. It was her curiosity in these matters that influenced the research for her first book on addressing the connection between Emotional Intelligence and Multiple Intelligence in Higher Education Curriculum Development. In her book, Dr. Zissouli focuses on the various forms of intelligence and their roles on learning. The book further reflects on this theory, suggesting that college curriculums can continue to be perfected utilizing this concept.

Additional research interests of Dr. Zissouli’s have included theories on Institutional Assessment, which she has presented at various conferences and workshops. Furthermore, Dr. Katerina Zissouli has written numerous essays which have been published in highly creditable professional journals. Today, Dr. Zissouli continues to study the methodologies of teaching. She is currently in the final editing stages of her first novel and is excited to share her work in the coming months.